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Cite them right will help students to reference just about any source (be it print, electronic or performance), and to understand the importance of referencing accurately. This comprehensive resource has been developed from the bestselling book Cite them right by Richard Pears and Graham Shields.

Institutions can link to Cite them right from their VLE, making it available to students whenever and wherever suits them best.

It's a simple process to find out how to construct a reference correctly:

  • Students choose a source to reference from the drop-down menu or search facility
  • Cite them right shows them how to create the reference in the style they need
  • There are examples to copy, and a 'You try' box so they can build their reference on screen
  • Students can check these against a correct example
  • They can cut and paste the prepared reference straight into their work.
The Cite them right approach means students are actively engaged in building their own references: they learn the academic principles behind referencing, as well as outputting a result. Cite them right also offers a section on the principles of referencing and guides to each of the standard referencing styles included.