Cite Them Right - How to use Cite Them Right

How to use the main site

  • You can search for the specific source that you would like to reference.
  • Or you can browse by referencing style
  • Alternatively, the navigation menu can be used to browse the categories and the 150+ source types for which guidance is provided.
  • Once you’ve found the source you’re interested in, you can use the dropdown menu to view the source in your required referencing style.
  • The ‘You try’ feature on the source pages enables you to easily construct your own reference by replacing the example text with information relevant to your source.
  • You can either copy/paste your reference into an assignment or email it to yourself.

The ‘Basics of Referencing’ section has helpful articles that provide different entry points and advice to support you in all matters related to referencing.

The tutorial

We suggest that those new to referencing, or those that could benefit from a refresher, head to the Cite Them Right eLearning tutorial.

This 1 hour interactive tutorial (divided into sections which each take approximately 5 minutes to complete) covers the importance of referencing, how to write citations and build references. It also offers the opportunity to test knowledge and confirm understanding in the practice of referencing.

Cite Them Right works on your tablet or smartphone, so you’ll always have the guidance you need at hand.

Watch the introduction video

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